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What More Can You Do To Look After Your Cat’s Health?

Many of us have taken on a cat in the past. And you may have more than one right now. They are wonderfully independent creatures. Cats and kittens are so inquisitive and playful. They are also very good at keeping themselves clean and fresh. They can even hunt down their own food! So with all this independent behavior, you can be forgiven for believing they can take care of themselves.

As kittens, felines need lots of stimulation. They need playmates and fun. Kittens want to learn the skills of a predator, even if they have no concept of or need to kill. They also need their Mother’s milk for at least a few weeks from when they are born. Like all mammals, this ensures a healthy immune system and all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up.


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Weaning is something the nursing mother cat needs to manage. It’s important you don’t interfere with this process. But you must provide adequate kitten food that provides the nutrition a kitten will need. You should also make sure there is plenty of water available. Some owners like to offer kitten milk. This could be a good alternative for a while.

As your kitten grows into a cat, she will still need the physical attention her littermates and mother used to offer. You can purchase a cat grooming brush or a grooming mitt to help her keep the fur in good condition. Lots of toys will keep your intelligent cat stimulated. Cats and kittens will sleep for sixteen to twenty hours each day in nap-like bursts. But when they’re awake they will want to be active.

After a good prowl and run around, your cat will enjoy spending some time grooming. Cats like to sit on your knee because it is warm. They also like to feel their purr vibrating on your leg. Best of all, they love being stroked. It reminds them of their mother grooming them. You are also scenting your cat from the tiny sweat glands in your hands as you go.

Over time, your cat’s dietary needs will change. They may become disenchanted with your preferred cat food brand. If your cat is a fussy eater, it may be necessary to supplement her diet with cat vitamins to ensure all her nutritional needs are met. It is best to check with your veterinary specialist if your pet is off her food for any period of time.


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Veterinary check-ups and vaccinations are a must for your cat. They may be expensive but they are essential to ensure the health of your pets, and other pets in the neighborhood. Some feline diseases are very easily spread. With a vaccination, you can be sure your cat will not fall ill to these diseases, and will not be responsible for making other animals poorly.

Taking care of a cat is perhaps easier than many other types of pet. But your cat will still have all the needs of a social, intelligent being. Lots of interaction, medical check-ups, and love go a long way to ensuring your cat lives a healthy, happy life.

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