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The Secret to Training Your Dog Properly

Training your dog properly doesn’t need to be difficult. Some people just can’t get the hang of making their dogs do as they are told, but that’s their fault. There is no such thing as a bad dog; only bad owners! Dogs are simple creatures. They either want to be the leader of the pack, or follow the leader of the pack. If you’re not being the pack leader like you should be, they will try to fill that role. If sometimes you are dominant and other times you aren’t, this will confuse them. A confused dog is not a happy dog!

The Secret to Training Your Dog Properly

The secret to training your dog properly is your energy. You can’t see it, or hear it. It’s something that can be felt. You can shout at your dog as much as you like, but if your energy isn’t doing the talking, they won’t listen. Dogs don’t talk, and they understand each other perfectly well thanks to one another’s energy.

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You don’t need to scare your dog, shout at them, or hurt them. Do you really want your dog to do everything you say out of fear? That’s not a happy dog either! Make them want to do things for you because they want to make you happy. This is why a dominant energy and consistent training is essential.

You’ll confuse your dog if sometimes you’re dominant and sometimes you’re not. For instance, you might come home from work and greet the whole family before your dog. This is the right thing to do, as it shows them that they must obey the rest of your pack! However, if you contradict that by feeding your dog before everybody else has been fed, they can get confused. Only the pack leader eats first. They’ll naturally try to fill the role of pack leader if it isn’t always clear who that is.

Luckily, it’ll only take a short while of training before there’s no question in your dog’s mind of who pack leader is. Here are some tips that you should stick to consistently:

  • Step into the house before your dog after walking.
  • Feed everybody before your dog.
  • Greet everybody before you greet your dog. If you don’t have anybody else to greet, wait a minute or two before greeting.
  • Don’t get overexcited when greeting your dog, as this can encourage uncontrollable behaviour.
  • Start games and finish games yourself. It isn’t up to your dog when to start and finish playing.
  • Always have a dominant energy.
  • Use a comfortable collar and leash to walk them.
  • A dog training collar with remote could help to speed up the training process.
  • While walking, make sure your dog stays behind you or next to you. Never allow them to walk in front or pull. If they do, then stop.
  • Make sure you know how to act when you come across other animals on your walks.

Scaring your dog or using force with them will never be necessary if you train them properly and have the right energy. Some people do use these tactics and claim that they work, but it isn’t healthy for your dog to look at you that way. You want a happy, well balanced pet. With these tips, that’s what you’ll get!

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