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The Definitive List of Stuff New Dog Owners Needs To Do

Getting a dog is a big event. My kids were certainly excited when we got Monty. But you also have to remember not to get so caught up in all the celebrations, that you forget to do the essential things that your new pup needs for his welfare. Carry on reading for some advice on what the newest canine member of the family will need.  

A quiet place

It can be pretty overwhelming for a new dog to be welcomed into a home. Even if they seem pretty happy with the arrangement, it is a good idea to provide them with a quiet place, in which they can retreat to. This prevents them from becoming overwhelmed with the new experiences, as all the novel sights and smells can be confusing at first.

Vet registration

One Of the most vital things that new pet owners need to do is to get their dog registered with a good local vet. Keeping up with their checkups and vaccinations can help keep them in tip-top shape from when they are a puppy, well into old age. It’s also good to have a trusted Vet to go to in case of an emergency situation, should it arise.  

Insurance or puppy plans

Another good move for new pet owners is to ask their vets about insurance plans. Some clinics offer special programs for puppies, as they need a lot of checkups and vaccination in a short space of time. These are often called ‘Puppy Plans’ and can be paid for on a monthly basis.

If your dog is a bit older, then getting him an insurance plan is a great way of having peace of mind. Then you know that if something should happen, the vet’s bills will be taken care of. Remember bills for operations can reach into the hundreds, so it is worth getting this sorted as soon as possible.


Another essential thing that a new dog owner needs to tend to is getting their pet’s microchip sorted. It may be that they already have something like these Oz Microchips implanted, and the owner name and address just need to be changed. Or they may need a new chip installing. Either way speak to your vet at the first chance you get, as they can unite lost dogs with their owners quickly.


No, not the type where they have to sit behind desks, but dog training school! Whether you have adopted your pooch or bought him, it’s essential that you give him some proper training on following your commands.

For a while, it will be useful just to get him used to recognizing your voice. Try basic command like ‘here’ and ‘sit.’ Once he has mastered this, then you can give the more complicated instructions a whirl, like ‘fetch’ and ‘play dead.’


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Remember when training your pup that they respond best to rewards and praise. So always make a fuss of them when they do something right and keep a treat or two to hand.

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