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The Cutest Dog Breeds For Your Family Home

There are very few people that don’t find a puppy unbelievably adorable. And if your kids catch sight of one, you could be welcoming that new pup into your home! Everybody loves a cute puppy, but we think there are some breeds that you simply can’t walk away from. If you have a busy family home, chances are your children are keen to have a puppy. Why not try one of these cute breeds to bring hours of smiles to all your faces:

Golden or Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a beautiful dog that will grow to a large size. As a puppy, they are very soft and a little bit squishy around the middle. Their faces always look like they’re smiling and having a great time. And as adults, that smile will still be there. The hair may grow quite long which isn’t apparent when they are little pups. They’re full of joy and fun, and they’re one of the most gentle playmates for kids.


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These are one of the smallest breeds on our list. But they’re also the fluffiest. When they are adults, they almost look like they’ve been for a cycle in the tumble dryer. There’s something quite calming about grooming all that fluffy white fur too. Some people think they’re more prone to fleas and worms but a regular dose of Frontline Plus can prevent that. As a pup, the Pomeranian is quite clumsy and almost clown-like at times. Their little legs are difficult for them to control at first, and this makes every movement so cute and endearing. Add their pretty little faces to the mix, and you just won’t be able to resist.


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The Pug has become a firm favorite for all kinds of households, but kids love them just as much as adults do. It’s hard to tell whether you have a pup or an adult Pug because not all of them grow very much. Some Pugs barely make it into the small breeds category they can be so small. Yet they can be quite weighty, so be sure to keep them away from Baby’s crib. Their flat faces are insanely cute coupled with big brown eyes that gaze lovingly at you all day long.


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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These are undeniably the most pretty dogs you’ll find. Incredibly big brown eyes and the cutest noses you’ll ever see. The ears tend to sport curling hair that makes them very feminine and adds to the beauty of the breed. Best of all, they just want to be babied all day long. They can sulk and pout to beg your forgiveness, and you won’t be able to help giving it. They’re gorgeous, and they will win your heart every time.

Puppies are undeniably cute and very difficult to resist! Of course, it’s best to be sure your home is ready for a new pet. And it’s always a good idea to check your household budget can handle the addition. All pups will grow into dogs, and some are larger than others. Make sure you know what you’re getting into, and love your new pup.

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