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Tell-Tale Signs Your Dog is Bored

Do you ever look at your dog and wonder just what it is he’s thinking about? We all do it, but we don’t often get any insight into our furry friend’s innermost thoughts. If, however, your dog is bored, it’s pretty easy to tell what they’re thinking, especially if you’re aware of the tell-tale signs…

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Destructive Tendencies

If your once well-behaved dog has started chewing the furniture, there is a very good chance that he is so bored, he’s taken to destroying things to give him something to do.

Digging Holes

Bored dogs will quite often start digging holes to release pent up energy and get a feeling of accomplishment. So, if you’ve noticed that that molehill has turned into a crater, it might be time to look at some of the toys at Stop That Dog. They’ll give your pooch something fun to do when you can’t play with him, and that should be enough to stop him from ruining the backyard.

Chasing his Tail

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Chasing his tail is like the dog equivalent of tapping on the table or doodling for humans – it’s sort of a compulsive behavior that they do when they’re bored. It also helps them to burn off some energy too.

Excessive Barking

If your dog starts barking at you and he won’t let up, take it as a sign that he wants you to get up and play with him, or even better take him for a nice long walk. Don’t be mad at him!


If your dog spends all day lying around doing nothing, then if he isn’t sick (and you should probably check that out) he may have just given in to the boredom. You really need to make more of an effort to get him up and excited if you don’t want him to get depressed.

Grooming Excessively

If your dog starts to lick at his feet or chew himself more than usual, he might have an allergy, and you should check that out, but he might just be bored and looking for anything to keep him busy for a little while.

Biting at You

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If your dog starts to bite at your feet, ankles or clothing, and he’s long past that annoying puppy biting stage, he might just be trying to attract your attention and alleviate his boredom. Invest in a couple of the puzzle games at Rover.com and give him something fun to do. The biting will stop pretty quickly if you do.



If your lovely pooch likes to whine, it could either be a sign that he’s stressed, or he could be very bored. If nothing in his environment or routine has changed, it’s probably a sign of the latter, and you should give that poor puppy something exciting to do with his time.

Aggression to Other Animals

If your dog starts to attack or bully other animals when he didn’t use to, he’s probably bored and looking to get some entertainment out of his adversary. The problem is, the other dog probably won’t like it much and it could even start a fight! Time to get that rope out and start a game of tug!

Does your dog display any of these symptoms? It’s time to buy him some new toys and schedule more time to play!

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