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Heartwarming Portraits of Dogs and Their Best Friend

Sometimes pets best friends are their other animal buddies. Or sometimes when people have let you down, our pets are there to be more of a support than our human companions. We miss them dearly when they are no longer around and this gallery is devoted to friendship between pets and pets and their handlers.

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Dog who Loves Flowers

It’s been rather cold and rainy here lately, and I know in some parts of the country there’s still snow, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s spring! Flowers are blooming, bright green leaves are returning, the sun is shining—and the dog is playful as ever, if not more so. My dog are indoor-only, so sadly he don’t really get to enjoy the nice spring weather. But here is one dog that do get to enjoy it, rolling in the grass,  smelling the flowers, and just enjoying the bright warm sunshine.

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