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Lonely Animals

The animals are more ancient than us. They were here for millennia before humans surfaced on the earth. Animals are our ancient brothers and sisters. They enjoy a seamless presence – a lyrical unity with the earth. Animals live outside in the wind, in the waters, in the mountains, and in the clay. The knowing of the earth is in them. The Zen-like silence and thereness of the landscape is mirrored in the silence and solitude of animals. Animals know nothing of Freud, Jesus, Buddha, Wall Street, the Pentagon, or the Vatican. They live outside the politics of human intention. Somehow they already inhabit the eternal.I hope that more people will teach their children to respect animals no matter how small or big or what they are. These children when taught earlier, will grow to also teach their children. Respect is just a relative word. It doesn’t really matter who it is you are giving it to. [Read more…]