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Reasons To Consider Animal Discipline

Treating your animals like they’re your kids is not uncommon. You dress them up. You spoil them with gifts and treats. You love them, that much is clear.

Animals can be unruly though. They are animals, after all. There might be the temptation just to let your animal act as they would naturally, but there are going to be repercussions.

I’ll walk you through the reasons why you should think about a little discipline.

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Number one with a bullet when it comes to reasons for training your animal. Some animals are naturally sweet natured and docile. Some are not though. It’s not that they’re vicious at all. It’s just that they can get a little excited.

Imagine you’ve got a sweet dog. He’s very affectionate and loves some attention. What happens if every time someone new comes to your house he’s jumping up and nipping at them playfully?

A darker version of that would be, what if your dog actively attacks someone? Behavioral training is important. Not only for around people, but other animals too.

Taking your dog to obedience classes or sending them to dog boarding could vastly improve how they act.


Separate from behavior. Sometimes you just need to tell your animal no. This is regardless of their behavior.

It doesn’t just extend to getting them not to do something either. It makes them comply with certain other commands. Telling them to get off the sofa for instance, or jumping into the back seat of a car.

Control can also be helpful when accidents occur. Say your animal accidentally gets out of the house. They should respond to your calls, provided you’re not too far away.

Animals are, well, animalistic with food. They will beg for scraps. Failing that they will try and take what they can if not sufficiently trained. Controlling them to not do this will make your life a lot less of a headache.


Sort of falls under the umbrella of behavior. The Police do not tolerate dangerous animals at all. It could lead to your animal being destroyed or a fine, or both. Nobody wants to have their pet killed and be slapped with a bill for it.

If you have an animal that has a bad temper or is just inclined to aggressiveness because of breed, get them trained. It could be the difference between life and death for your animal.

Quality of Life

Now does this refer to your life or the animal’s life? A bit of both actually. Discipline for the owner is going just to make it easier to own and maintain their pet. For the pet, it stops them getting into dangerous situations or doing things they shouldn’t.

Animal instinct isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sometimes it gets animals into a lot of trouble.

Not every animal is a trainable species. If you have one that is though, consider the points put forward here. I love animals and so do you. A little bit of training isn’t going to hurt.

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