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How to Raise Your Dog Properly

Raising a dog is a lot like raising a child. If you don’t start off doing it properly right from the start, you’ll both end up unhappy. A well raised dog who knows its place in the house is a happy dog. A dog who is confused over who the pack leader is (most dogs) is unhappy. You send them mixed signals, and they’ll wreak havoc! All you need to do is remain consistent with your training and you’ll barely need to train your dog at all later on. Use this information to raise your dog properly:

Learn a Little About the Way Dogs Think

In order to know why you do the things you do, you should know a bit about the way a dog thinks. All dogs need a pack leader. If they do not have a clear pack leader, they will attempt to assume the role themselves. www.cesarsway.com teaches that a pack leader is always dominant, and dogs always follow the pack leader. If you are inconsistent with your training and allow your dog to think they are the boss, even just sometimes, they will think they are pack leader. This is where problems start! It’s so important you implement training and remain consistent right from the start to avoid problems.

Start as Soon as Possible

Start training your dog as soon as possible. When they are a puppy, the first thing you’ll want to focus on is house training. However, you can begin to show them that you are the pack leader at this stage too. You do not need to shout at your dog or use scare tactics to convince them you are the pack leader. You don’t want your dog to be scared of you! There’s a difference between being a leader to your dog and making them frightened of you.

Greet Other Members of the Household First

Whether you live on your own or with other people, it doesn’t matter. You should never greet your dog as soon as you walk through the door. This is a mistake many people make. Your dog gets excited and runs up to you, your natural reaction is to greet them. However, you do this and they will assume the position of pack leader. You should greet every other member of the house first. If nobody else is home, wait a few minutes before greeting your dog. You are dominant and everything needs to be done on your terms.

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Wait Until They are Calm

Whatever you are doing, you need to wait until your dog is calm. Do not greet them until they are calm. Do not walk them until they are calm. Do not play with them until they are calm. When they get too excited, and you do what they want you to do, they assume they are pack leader. Waiting until they have calmed down will show them that you are the boss.

Don’t Get Over Excited When Greeting

It can be easy to get overly excited when greeting your dog, especially if you haven’t seen them all day. Try to avoid this if you can. They take their cues from you, so if you are excited they will think they are top dog. It’s OK to be loving and affectionate, but avoid giving off an overly excited energy.

Stay Calm

In any given situation, whether you’re walking your dog or somebody is at the door, you need to stay calm. As mentioned previously, your dog takes their cues from you. If you’re flustered, anxious, or scared, they will be too. It’s up to you to set an example and show them how to act.

Socialise Your Dog

Begin socialising your dog as soon as they have had all of their injections. Supervise them at all times to make sure they know how to behave. Introduce them to other puppies and older dogs. Introduce them to children. You should also walk them over all kinds of different terrain to get them used to it. This should help them to avoid feeling anxious or misbehaving towards different things as they get older.

Play With Your Dog

Playing with your dog is essential to their happiness. Not only that, it’s time for you both to bond! There are lots of games you can play that will tire them out and keep them satisfied. You can find reviews on great toys on places like www.PetsGetTheBest.com too. Just avoid any game where you are lower than them. In other words; don’t lie on the floor! They will see you as submissive and will begin to act dominant.

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Walk Your Dog Regularly

Walking your dog regularly is very important for their health. If you do not walk them often enough, they will have lots of pent up energy and you may not be able to handle them! Make sure you know exactly how much you need to walk your dog to keep them happy and healthy. Remember, the pack leader always walks in front of the pack. At the very least, your dog should walk next to you, and should never pull. They should be following you!

Be Consistent With Attention

Many dog owners give new puppies lots of attention, which wears off as the novelty does. You need to be consistent with the attention you give your dog, as they can get depressed and struggle to cope.

Fix Problems ASAP

If your dog develops a problem, for whatever reason, fix it ASAP. You may want to visit a certified trainer for this. You might think you can fix it yourself, but unless you really know what you’re doing, you may struggle. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be!

Feed Yourself First

When feeding your dog, make sure you feed yourself first. The pack leader always eats first. Never feed your dog from your plate either. You only have to do this once to make them beg for food for life!

Ready to raise a dog that is an example to the rest? Use these tips!

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