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How To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

If you’re a dog lover, like us, you won’t do anything to put your pup in danger. You hate the thought of them becoming unhappy or unhealthy. They’re a member of the family and deserve all the respect in the world. Happiness all starts with good health. By their very nature, dogs are active and excitable. They need exercise and attention because that’s what keeps them healthy. Here’s how to keep the happiest and healthiest dog possible.

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Activity and socialising

Dogs are never happier than when they’re out in the open, leaping and running around. They’ll chase balls and sticks and jump into rivers. When your dog is kept in the house, they build up energy, and it needs a big release! Not only that, but dogs are very sociable. They love to play with both you and other furry critters. As an owner, you need to give them tons of attention and activity. So, strap on the dog leash and get down to the park!



The key to a happy family is training your dog. You pup must understand the hierarchy in the home. That will create a happier and healthier environment. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and they need structure and leadership. If you don’t lead, they will. So remember, you are the pack leader. They should always walk beside or behind you when outside. You can reward them with treats and teach them slowly.


Good diet

Like any other animal, diet is essential to a dog’s health. The right diet depends entirely on the breed and size of your dog. A giant St. Bernard is going to require a lot more food than a Chihuahua, for example! Experts are still undecided whether packaged dog food is better than the likes of carrots and oatmeal. Experiment and find the right balance for your pup.


Vet appointments

Dogs can pick up illnesses and injuries just like us. When they do, you might notice a drop in activity or happiness. A yearly or twice-yearly check-up can help spot any problems early. The vet can also make any dietary recommendations or other suggestions. They also need boosters and vaccinations occasionally. Speak to your vet to find out more.


Brush their coat

Big, furry dogs are our favourites. Unfortunately, they require a lot of grooming! The thicker the fur, the more they moult. Their coat will become tangled and dirty. Not only does this look and feel unhealthy, it can lead to the spread of ticks, lice and fleas. As a dog owner, you should brush your canine once a day and bath them once a week.


Give them something to do while you’re away

Studies have shown that dogs often pine after their owners while they’re out at work. You are their best friend, after all! If you leave your dog at home during the day, make sure they have something to do. Plenty of chew toys will keep their teeth and jaws strong, for example. You can also set them little obstacle courses or anything to hold their attention.

There is nothing better than a happy and healthy dog. They’ll bring joy and happiness to your life, and you’ll find a new best friend!

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