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How To Ensure Your Cat is Happy & Healthy

All you cat owners know how important it is to keep your cat’s stimulated and happy. It can sometimes be a challenge to know how to keep our beloved cats feeling really happy in our homes, so today we want to share some simple tips on how to give you the confidence that you are creating a wonderful home for your cats where they will be healthy and happy.

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Good Diet

All cats deserve good quality food and as house cats will not be able to hunt the type of prey they would in the wild it is up to you to feed them the next best thing. Cats should be mainly on a wet food diet as wet canned foods ensure that your cat is getting as much moisture as it needs, to prevent him from getting dehydrated. You must also be very mindful that your cat is drinking enough water so try adding a little flavour to their water, with tuna for example, if you feel that they aren’t interested in their water bowl


Cats are a naturally very hygienic animals so they can only feel truly happy if they feel that their living environment is clean and hygienic. One of the main areas therefore that all cat owners should be focused on, on a daily basis, is the cat litter. Therefore all cat owners should be cleaning out their cat’s litter on a daily basis and should be investing in all the necessary tools to make sure it is a quick and easy task. You should have a clean litter scoop, a bag of spare litter grains always close at hand, and maybe have a nice, scented plug in close by to keep the area smelling fresh. Ok, that last one is more for you, but I’m sure your cat will appreciate it too.


Cats also benefit from added vitamins in addition to the food that you are feeding them. Water soluble vitamins are great for home cats as they are easy to feed to them and they are really kind on their digestive system. Vitamins B & C are two of the most important for cats to keep their immune systems strong and are great for overall strength and vitality.

Play Time

Playing with your cats is also really important to ensuring the happiness of your feline friends. Spending time interacting with your cats is one of the most crucial things that you can do to keep them feeling safe, loved and stimulated.

Create A Cat Corner

Creating an area in your home that your cat can call its own is a really good way to make your cat feel calm and relaxed. Cats, like many of us humans, need a little alone time and providing a quiet place in the home that they can go to rest will ensure that your cat feels happy and safe. Cats love looking outdoors so consider creating an area somewhere close to a window, so that they can gaze out into the great outdoors.

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