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18 Interesting Animal Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The animal kingdom is full of fascinating birds, mammals, sea creatures and reptiles, each with their own set of distinct traits and habits. Learning some interesting animal facts is a great way to explore the natural world around us.
Here are just 18 strange but interesting animal facts you probably didn’t know:

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8 Ways to Survive a Monday …

Monday is a hard day for everyone. After a long weekend of relaxing with your friends and family, it can seem nearly unbearable to get back into the groove of work and gym and chores and everything else you need to get done. These funny owls on picturesquely way, will show you 8 helpful tips, how to survive the worst day of the week – Monday. Use these tips to help survive your Monday and maybe even enjoy it! [Read more…]

Animals are really good at jumping

People love photographing animals. Whether it be their pets or an animal spotted in the wild, we’re always snapping pics of our furry friends. Sometimes, we manage to capture them in mid-stride or jump, and it’s these frozen moments in time that can create the illusion of ‘hovering’ or ‘flying’. See these beautiful jumping photographs which were shot by the inspired persons. It seems they love to click a snap between rise & fall of animals and they succeeded it also by clicking these awesome, amazing clicks. It reveals the feel of joy, expressing their emotions. You all can jump and enjoy this Pictures Collection. [Read more…]

Lioness at physics lecture

In 1975, student Phil Engelauf decided to bring his roommate and companion, Duchess, to Ricardo Gomez’s freshman physics lecture in 201 East Bridge. Duchess was 20 months old and about 200 pounds at the time. Phil was inspired to bring Duchess to campus after seeing Professor James Bonner’s well-behaved schnauzer accompany him in biology class. Unfortunately, Duchess wasn’t interested in learning about biology, so Phil took her to physics instead. As you can see, she found this subject rather boring as well. [Read more…]

Shy Animals Pictures

Animals alike children often like to something and sometime don’t want to look at this. While adults sometimes we tired of making pictures and videos then everything relevant to this media bother us. And sometimes we are depressed and in melancholy so we don’t want to face others. This time you are watching some shy animals’ pictures who feel shy to facing camera. Don’t look at any of these guys! Your tricky glimpses are making them blush  adorable pictures of shy animals.

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