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Warning Signs Your Cat Has A Bad Vet

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your feline friend is in the best of health. While there’s plenty of things you can do at home to keep them healthy, the majority of the time, you’re going to need a vet for the big and important stuff. [Read more…]

How To Ensure Your Cat is Happy & Healthy

All you cat owners know how important it is to keep your cat’s stimulated and happy. It can sometimes be a challenge to know how to keep our beloved cats feeling really happy in our homes, so today we want to share some simple tips on how to give you the confidence that you are creating a wonderful home for your cats where they will be healthy and happy. [Read more…]

What More Can You Do To Look After Your Cat’s Health?

Many of us have taken on a cat in the past. And you may have more than one right now. They are wonderfully independent creatures. Cats and kittens are so inquisitive and playful. They are also very good at keeping themselves clean and fresh. They can even hunt down their own food! So with all this independent behavior, you can be forgiven for believing they can take care of themselves. [Read more…]

Daisy as the Most Photogenic Lion on the Internet

Remember Daisy? About a year ago we introduced you to the the sweet little thing, as we proudly proclaimed her “The Most Photogenic Kitten on the Internet.” The feline beauty, who lives with her owner Ben Torode in Tokyo, was captured doing the most adorable things such as playing the piano or peeking out of a mixing bowl.
The long-haired Persian is now one and half years old and she’s undergone a dramatic change. Despite daily brushings, Daisy’s fur would get lots of clumps that were too close to her skin to properly cut off. On the advice of his vet, Torode decided that Daisy needed a haircut. Not just any haircut, of course, but one that had tons of personality!
Both Daisy and her best friend Hannah didn’t quite know what to think of Daisy’s new look. As Torode tells :
“She was quite freaked out when she got back from the vet and the other cat Hannah didn’t recognize her and would start hissing and attacking. Cats recognize one another not by their faces but by their tails, so Daisy’s lion tail made Hannah think we’d gotten a new cat. Anyway, after a week or so Daisy embraced her new look and she’s is probably enjoying the shorter shave during Japan’s sweltering summer.”

[Read more…]

Cats Grow Up So Fast

Yes it only seems like yesterday that my kitty was that tiny newborn who was the weakest of the litter and the one who meowed and squeaked to be fed by her mum. Today, my kitty still finds a way to sleep in a tiny basket, months after outgrowing it. [Read more…]

Cats are Masters of Disguise

Stare at these pictures for long enough and you might just spot some clever cats playing the ultimate game of hide and seek. Cats are experts at camouflage. They can make themselves invisible right before our eyes, your job is to find them. [Read more…]

Makeup for cats

This kind of makeup for cats costs $ 15 000 and lasted three months, so if you want to last one year it cost of $ 60,000. Check out this awesome collection of cats 🙂 [Read more…]

The Most Photogenic Kitten on the Internet

I’m a dog person. That being said, it’s hard not to love Ben Torode’s inspired photographs of his cat Daisy, who is arguably the cutest kitten alive. The photos here depict the cute little critter when she was between eight to sixteen weeks old. Ben Torode is an Australia-born, Japan-based translator who shoots for a hobby. He found Daisy at a pet store with his wife, and as he mentioned it was love at first sight. He named the kitten Daisy after his wife’s nickname.As a photographer, Ben demonstrates a very good understanding of photographic skills and has a creative eye. It doesn’t hurt that his subject matter is pretty darn adorable.

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