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Awesome Accessories For Your Pets

We pet owners get so much joy out of buying gifts for our furry friends. Often we are more excited about the new toy or food bowl than our pets, but that certainly doesn’t stop us! If you are thinking about treating your fluffy companion, here are some excellent accessories you might want to consider.


A timed cat feeder

If you often have to work late, I’m sure your cat lets you know how angry they are about this situation when you return home. We’d like to assume that they just missed us dearly. But most of their outrage stems from the fact that their dinner is late. A timed cat feeder is the solution to this problem. If you know you are going to be late you can set the timer on the bowl to their dinner time. The flap will then flip up at the right time to reveal fresh, yummy food for your feline. If they are still angry when you get home, then they do miss you!

11Georgie Pauwels

A dog stroller

Pet strollers are the perfect accessory for certain pups. If your dog is very small and he or she finds it difficult to keep up, a stroller could really help you both out. It means you can go on longer and more adventurous walks with your pup, without the worry that he or she will get too worn out. This accessory will also come in use if your dog is old or injured. People don’t expect to see pets in strollers, so it’s also a great conversation starter when you are out and about walking with your furry best friend.

12Vicki Burton

A cardboard cat condo

If you have a cat, you’ll be very experienced in the love that most felines have for the humble cardboard box. A cardboard box may contain a new scratching post for your kitty. But as they jump in and out of the box with glee, they are unlikely to pay any attention to their new nail-sharpening device. Enter the cardboard cat condo. It is a bed, scratching post, play area and hide out rolled into one. It is every cat’s dream come true. Cat Above have created the most popular cardboard condo, called the SnoozePal. However, if you are particularly crafty and thrifty, you could make your own version of this awesome pet accessory.

A doggy trouser suit

A dog jacket keeps your dog warm and their middle section dry. But what about their little legs? These days you can get a doggy trouser suit made from waterproof material that will help to keep more of your dog’s body warm and dry when you are walking in bad conditions. This accessory will also benefit you. Because when you dog is kept clean and dry that means fewer baths and dirt around your home.

Hopefully, you have found something in this post on awesome accessories that you want to treat your dog or cat to. If you have come across any other fantastic items for pets, do let us know by leaving a comment.

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