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5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Doggies Birthday!

We all want to keep our dogs healthy and happy. After all, they do the same for us! Therefore, it is only understandable that we like to celebrate our pups from time to time too!


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You may celebrate your dog’s birthday as the day they were born. Or, you might celebrate it as they day you brought them home and made them part of the family. Either way, the technicalities don’t matter. What matters is giving your dog the best day possible.

Celebrating a doggie birthday is a lot like celebrating your best friends birthday. It should be filled with lots of special attention and affection. It can also incorporate treats, gifts and their favorite things to do. That being said you might not plan to take your best friend for a long walk and let them jump in as many puddles as they want!

So, let’s take a look at a number of ways that you can celebrate your doggies birthday! Pick one, or do all four. It’s up to you!


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Buy them a gift

Who doesn’t love a special gift? Well, dogs are no exception! Buy them a gift to celebrate their birthday. Consider going for something useful. How about a doggie coat, to keep them warm in the winter, or during walks. Or how about a fancy new collar? This website stocks items like this, as well as others that may take your fancy. Just don’t be too surprised your dog takes more interest in the rustling packaging than what is inside! They just can’t help themselves!

Plan their favorite activities

Does your dog have a favorite activity that really gets their tail wagging? Then make sure you incorporate this into your special day together! It could be jumping into lots of puddles in the park. Or it might be letting them go for a swim in the lake. Just be sure to take a towel to dry them down with afterward!

A special meal

Also, consider their favorite foods. Give them their favorite meal, and pick up some special doggie treats too!


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Take them for their favorite walk

Does your dog have a specific park, forest or another outdoor area that they love to go for walks in? Or maybe you took them to the beach once, and they were in their element! Go back again for their birthday! Does your dog love going for walks, but you only usually have time to take them once a day? Find time to go twice on their birthday!

Break the rules!

We all know how important it is to have rules for our pets. With some many think they are harsh, we as owners know better. We know that dogs need ground rules in order to understand which actions are and are not acceptable. However, for their birthday, is there a rule you can break? If you usually don’t let them into your bed in the morning, perhaps you could for one day! Just hope they don’t get too attached to their new morning luxury!

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