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4 Top Recommendations for Your First Pet

Whether you’re trying to pick out a gift for your children or if you’re looking for a little more company around the house, picking a pet is a tough decision due to the amount of variety you have. Walk into a pet store and you’ll be greeted with all kinds of animals. From creepy looking lizards to rabbits and fish, you might be overwhelmed by the choice you have. So to make things a little easier for you, here’s a guide on choosing your perfect first pet to add to your family.

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Gerbils and Hamsters

Rodent pets are classic staples among first pets. They’re small, easy to take care of and domesticated. All they really need is a source of food, water, a cage to keep them in and the occasional clean. Of course, you’ll also need to give them some toys, such as a wheel for them to use for exercise. Small rodents are cute, soft, and they only need a bit of your attention now and then. However, be warned—small rodents are masters at escaping your grasp or fitting through small gaps. They also smell rather bad, so you want to keep them clean or in their own separate room.


Fish are stereotypical pets that almost everyone has had at some point in their life. Although they’re a little boring because you can’t exactly play with them, they usually don’t need much maintenance and can even act as living decorations. There are, however, some fish that do require a lot of maintenance, so you can find out more on dedicated fish websites. What fish you get will really depend on how much time you have to dedicate to look after them, and mixing different types of fish can be a bad idea if they start to fight.


If you want a pet that is intelligent, clean and suitable as a first pet, then look no further than a domesticated rat. Although rats are known to be dirty and gross rodents that invade your pantry, domesticated rats make surprisingly good pets. Their cousins might have a bad reputation among people, but that shouldn’t deter you from getting a rat as your first pet. In fact, some people even refer to them as “fancy” rats because they love to play, eat, and interact with humans. They’re very social animals, meaning it’s great to get a couple of them and keep them in their cages. Aside from keeping their cage tidy and feeding them, the only maintenance you need is to give them a bit of attention.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are extremely friendly and much larger than their smaller rodent cousins. They make great pets because they’re big enough to cradle in your arms, they love to play and they’re also safe to handle for children. As a first pet, guinea pigs make ideal companions because they take a little more maintenance than larger pets such as cats and dogs, but they’re still relatively easy to handle. If you want to get a bigger pet in the future, then guinea pigs act as a great training partner for when you want to upgrade because they require regular maintenance and grooming.

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