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How to Raise Your Dog Properly


Raising a dog is a lot like raising a child. If you don’t start off doing it properly right from the start, you’ll both end up unhappy. A well raised dog who knows its place in the house is a happy dog. A dog who is confused over who the pack leader is (most dogs) is unhappy. You send them mixed signals, and they’ll wreak havoc! All you need to do is remain consistent with your training and you’ll barely need to train your dog at all later on. Use this information to raise your dog properly: [Continue reading]

Can You Afford To Adopt A Dog?


If you are in the process of adopting a dog, you are most probably incredibly excited. While dog ownership comes with some incredible benefits, one of which being that you’ll have a loving and loyal companion. Being the parent of a furbaby, can come with quite a few costs. [Continue reading]

Consider These Before Buying A Horse

Horses are very popular; many people dream of having a horse. If you’re thinking about buying a horse, make sure you consider these three things: … [Continue reading]

Memorialize Your Pet with These Touching Ideas

The loss of a pet is an incredibly painful thing to experience. People who have never formed strong attachments to pets can find it difficult to understand. But some have had their beloved pet in their life for as long as they can remember. When they … [Continue reading]

Tropical Fish Keeping Made Easy

Not a big fan of furry animals? Want pets that won’t pee on your carpet? Then fish might just be the pets for you. Keeping fish has many variations. You can make it easy, or hard on yourself depending on what kind of fish you want. There’s quite a … [Continue reading]

Reasons To Consider Animal Discipline

Treating your animals like they’re your kids is not uncommon. You dress them up. You spoil them with gifts and treats. You love them, that much is clear. Animals can be unruly though. They are animals, after all. There might be the temptation just … [Continue reading]