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They have saved lives in the 2013th year: 11 dogs super-heroes!


This is why we call ‘em man’s best friend. [Continue reading]

Fox and Dog are the Cutest Best Friends of all Time


A photographer in Norway was walking her dog Sniffer, when the pooch made a most unlikely friend. Torgeir Berge started photographing Sniffer and his new fox friend, named Tinni, as they romped about in the forest. The closeness of the two inspired Berge to use them as inspiration for a children’s book, which will aim to raise awareness about the fur trade. Sniffer and Tinni want our help to spread their message about fur and friendship, and the knowledge about that the fox is only a dog of the forest with the same reactions and movements as the dogs we look at as the man’s best friend. See the cuteness for yourself. See the photos below:

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Rob – The world’s cutest baby palm squirrel

Rob is an orphaned baby palm squirrel,he is so small and can be found resting in Williams’s shirt pocket. He can sleep anywhere from its owner’s laptop to inside of a coffee mug. His cute photo's were published in many national papers around the … [Continue reading]

18 Interesting Animal Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The animal kingdom is full of fascinating birds, mammals, sea creatures and reptiles, each with their own set of distinct traits and habits. Learning some interesting animal facts is a great way to explore the natural world around us. Here are just … [Continue reading]

Daisy as the Most Photogenic Lion on the Internet

Remember Daisy? About a year ago we introduced you to the the sweet little thing, as we proudly proclaimed her "The Most Photogenic Kitten on the Internet." The feline beauty, who lives with her owner Ben Torode in Tokyo, was captured doing the most … [Continue reading]

Dog Gives Enthusiastic Handshake

Usually, the first trick dogs learn is to shake hands with their owners. It looks like a pretty simple trick to do and dogs seem to enjoy it. Here, I have a set of nineteen adorable dogs photographs, which are handshaking with humans. Checkout our … [Continue reading]